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Revolutionizing Patient Care with Personalized Dosing


Divya will discuss how personalized dosing powered with AI is changing patient care. Dosis, an AI-powered personalized dosing platform, is the developer of the Strategic Anemia Advisor (SAA) clinical decision support tool and is on the forefront of change. The current standard of care is to use a population-based approach to drug dosing. This ignores patient-specific drug response and assumes all patients are average drug responders. SAA allows healthcare providers to take a personalized approach by determining a patient’s unique response to erythropoietin-stimulating agents (ESA) and recommending a dose to keep individual patients within their respective hemoglobin target ranges. ESAs are primarily used to treat chronic anemia in dialysis patients. This personalized approach has proven to both improve outcomes and dramatically reduce costs, saving dialysis clinics up to $2,500 per patient per year. Moreover, there are tremendous time savings. Healthcare providers within dialysis clinics typically spend four to five minutes on ESA dosing per patient. However, with AI-powered SAA, ESA dosing time is cut down to 30 to 45 seconds per patient. This shortens time spent on managing anemia by 85%. The renal care industry is the ideal proving ground for new innovations in personalized dosing and medicine. Variables with adherence to medication often cause huge problems with the quality of precision medicine data. That’s not the case with dialysis patients, as you have a highly adherent patient population that goes to the clinic three times per week to be treated.
Who is this presentation for?
This presentation is for those in the healthcare industry, especially in healthcare clinics, looking for new ways to revolutionize their healthcare treatments and learn how AI is changing the industry.
Prerequisite knowledge:
Knowledge of the healthcare industry and current treatment options are preferred.
What you'll learn?
From this presentation, audience members will gather how AI can assist with personalized dosing to improve patient outcomes and saves clinics both time and money. Audience members will learn how this is especially important in a value-based care model, such as dialysis care. Lastly, audience members will learn how to combat resistance to change and technology in healthcare.


Divya serves as COO and Founder of Dosis, an AI-powered personalized dosing platform. Before starting Dosis, Divya was a Product Manager for B2B and B2C products at athenahealth. She's passionate about building great products that create a positive change in people's lives. She received her B.S. in Biological Engineering from MIT.