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Optimization of wireless networks with insights from big data


Casual information theory tells us that the net spectral efficiency of modern mobility networks, even 4th and 5th generation varieties, are about 100x to 200x less efficient than they should be. What stands between us and where we should be? Simple: math. Less simple: inferences and efficiencies that can only come from big-data approaches to solving some of data communications' largest open issues. That is, how might we construct optimal source, channel, and possibly network codes? How might we construct truly optimal implementations of maximum-likelihood decoders without engaging worst-case polynomial complexity? What shortcuts to enhanced spatial multiplexing might be available, if only we could compute optimal transmission vectors for a network consisting of thousands of antennas at a base station, and tens of thousands of user antennas? In this talk, attendees will get to see just how elementary and basic so-called 'state of the art' mobility network systems really are, and gain some insight to where they may be able to lend their time and talents to push the state of the art closer to its potential.
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I spent nearly 20 years in research and development for inter-provider networking, routing security, and data center solutions before joining EdgeMicro as a Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer. My devotion to advancing communications networks and wireless technologies has led to groundbreaking advancements in low-latency, high-capacity radio communications, and global network security. EdgeMicro is the first company to combine patented technology with micro data centers at the extreme network edge to provide true Multi-access & Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) at scale. EdgeMicro’s technology is a game changer and helped us win the Startup Showcase at CCA’s 2017 Annual Convention. Our solution eliminates the need for expensive backhaul to core data centers, resulting in virtually zero latency access for next-generation Internet applications.