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Are We There Yet? The Trends and Opportunities of Automotive IoT


The automotive industry is at a tipping point. Today’s performance demands go far beyond yesteryear’s feature set of powertrain and interior comfort. They include connectivity, autonomy, telematics, artificial intelligence, and many other data concerns. Technology companies are seeking new ways to get more data faster, so they can make safe decisions in real-time. Automotive IoT decisions will affect vehicle control, passenger safety, maintenance scheduling, fleet management, traffic efficiency, and business operations. This talk will develop a picture of where we are going in automotive IoT, and what opportunities exist down the road for today’s innovators.


Vince Socci is a business development manager at National Instruments, specializing in safety-critical applications, such as automotive, aerospace, and energy. With over 25 years of experience in aerospace, automotive, power electronics, and medical systems, he has engineering systems in the most complex applications. He also served as President of Platform Division of LHP, Director of Large Transport Fuel Systems at Parker Aerospace and CEO of On Target Technology. He holds a BS in electrical engineering, MS in electrical engineering and MBA in technology management. Socci has served on the IEEE Board of Directors, and governing boards of SAE and PMI.