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Architecture Lifecycle Integrity of Reactive Metadata Models in association to the Cognitive Contextualization


Recent advancements in Big Data computing indicates that contextualization provisions interpretation and communicative acts of any deployable intelligent constitution of the autonomous system, process, product, and service. A large amount of research in pragmatics has proved the wide-ranging and multifaceted characteristics of the cognitive contextualization. Traditionally, the contexts are formulated and leveraged in terms of Metadata. Deriving cognitive metadata and their interrelationships are challenging since it is extremely complex to understand underlying intellectual knowledge of advances in Big Data computations of a real-time enterprise (RTE). Different participants of RTE have different goals, drivers, and experiences. They are affected by the different types of information necessary to perform or operate RTE’s processes. According to different experiences, different structurized cognitive context factors come into being. All of these factors will influence the RTE of the discourse. We are introducing concept of reactive metadata model (RMM) management. It leverages reactive architecture to develop metadata models in anticipation of cognitive contexts. Primary focus is to streamline RMM and their utilization through the distinct architecture lifecycle stages across growing connected ecosystems of RTE. The approach achieves transparency in the heterogeneity of knowledge and intelligence across the RTE. It proactively constitutes desired dynamism of cognitive contextualization in the RMM. We illustrate introduction of consistency, accuracy, and extendibility due to publishing of cognitive context aware RMM in particles of application programming interfaces (APIs).


Vikas S. Shah is carrying 23+ years of industry experiences and currently working as Director of Emerging Technologies at Ernst and Young U.S. LLP. He received his M.S. degree in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA in 1998 and Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai, India in 1995. He has 21+ international publications in IoT, Cloud computing, Mobile edge computing, integration technologies, real-time systems, and architecture methodologies. He headed multiple strategic and technology transformation initiatives at diversified environment including startups, global organizations, and consulting. Besides emerging technologies products and services, he is extensively supporting pre-sales and marketing. Vikas is the proclaimed researcher and speaker at numerous global or annual conferences and senior member of multiple innovation forums as well as groups.