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Workshop: GPU-Accelerated Interactive Exploratory Big Data Analysis with MapD


Part 1

Introduction to MapD Core and Immerse with a demo
How to install and set up the MapD platform in the cloud, or on-premise
Explore a commonly available data set like Google Analytics or bitcoin transactions with MapD
Learn Pymapd API
Create different types of charts in MapD Immerse

Part 2

How to import geospatial datasets of various formats
Overview of using SQL with GIS data using geospatial functions
Create dashboards with geospatial charts in MapD Immerse
From SQL query to visualization using VEGA and Javascript

Part 3

Overview of GDF (GPU Data Frame) Python API for accelerating Machine Learning
MapD as an integral part of feature engineering process using Jupyter Notebook


Veda Shankar is a Senior Developer Advocate at MapD working actively to assist the user community to take advantage of MapD’s open source analytics platform. He is a customer oriented IT specialist with a unique combination of experience in product development, marketing and sales engineering. Prior to MapD, Veda worked on various open source software defined data center products at Red Hat.