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ICO platform on blockchain


Starbase is ICO platform for innovative projects and supporters. Innovative projects can issue tokens and sell it to KYC'd investors on Starbase. And there're STAR token ecosystem which curate projects by token based voting.


In 2012, I failed to enter Tokyo University in Japan and entered Waseda university. I thought I need to re-consider my life again. I went to various physics labs in the university for thinking about my future, but I more like publishing dynamic results to the world. So I went to Silicon Valley supported by Waseda university and presented startup pitch for "islamap", application for muslims in muslim-minority countries. And I decided to live as an entrepreneur. In 2013, I started islamap as start up, after started the project, I was often asked by investors, "why don't you make it more wide range of target ? you need scalability." but I decline to broaden the target, because I think this problem can be connected to world peace. However, as investor says, the business became stuck. At the time, I heard Bitcoin, but I didn't research much yet. In 2014, I remembered Bitcoin as it can be considered as a "thing", because I met a friend who has trouble in using islamic finance in Japan. However I was rapidly attracted to the Bitcoin/Blockchain technology itself, and the philosophy behind the tech, "Decentralization". But, sadly some people misunderstanding about a company's failure(Mt.Gox) as the protocol failure, and media reports wrongly. Also not much people knows about blockchain technology, so I started "Smart Contract Japan" meetup in Japan, and hosted at Ponq, Finolab, Bitbank, Sony, and Microsoft office, and did blockchain consulting works with some SIers and startups. In late 2016, I quit the consulting company for my new challenge. I want to support more directly individuals to be empowered by the decentralization technologies, because I believe "Utility Token", "Internet of Value" is not one-time bubble, but the social infrastructure which can connect individuals directly to make innovative things happen. So now I'm creating "Starbase", a token crowdfunding/recruting platform and we did ICO by ourselves to prove that.