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Is the Market Predictable?


There is close to 15 trillion dollars invested in the stock and bond market today in the United States. More importantly, your money is in it. So, it’s important to answer this question – “is the market predictable?” Maybe, all we have to do is understand the performance of a company or a portfolio of companies and measure the associated risks. My talk will help you understand how to develop a comprehensive analysis of any publicly traded company and will give you an opportunity to learn how Noonum does it by leveraging machine learning and big data from the world of finance and economics.


Shankar Vaidyanathan is the founder and CEO of Noonum, a fintech ML/AI startup, offering a cloud service for investment and portfolio management, corporate strategy, and risk management. Prior to Noonum, he had a few gigs at Microsoft as an engineering leader for Internet of Things, bing advertising, and Visual Studio. Check him out at