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Starting Up in a Big Data World


Long gone are the days when machine learning was the new kid on the block. Users accustomed to getting recommendations on Netflix, Amazon and Google, now expect the same experiences from all applications. Personalization and recommendation engines require data for content and collaborative filtering. In this instance, more is indeed more. How are startups to compete? The answer lies in establishing a unique niche and going deep rather than going broad. This talk is about CloudCar’s journey to establish an analytics and machine learning platform, hurdles it had to overcome and the learnings through it all.


Seema Khandkar leads CloudCar’s analytics and machine learning platform and products. She has over 15 years of experience in cloud based technologies, search, SaaS and analytics and has led teams at Fortune 500 companies. Seema is passionate about building products that delight customers while being impactful to the business. With Master’s degrees in Engineering and Business Administration, Seema is naturally driven to build products that simultaneously address technological innovation and user experience while contributing to the bottom line.