August 28 to 30 2018, Santa Clara, CA.


Speaker "Rizwan MK" Details

Name :
rizwan mk
Company :
Title :
Sr Director Engineering
Topic :

Evolution of Big Data

Abstract :

Lets discuss the emergence of the technologies and needs of the business and how various companies are dealing with these challenges including the emergence of the AI and Deep Learning.

Profile :
Rizwan is a seasoned leader with decades of experience leading global programs across data and large-scale technologies. He has engineered solutions on Big Data and Enterprise Data Warehouse platforms catering to data scientists, analytics, executive dashboards, reporting and compliance with Apache Hadoop, Kafka and Spark; Cassandra; Storm; HPE Vertica, Teradata, Oracle, MemSQL and other open source technologies. He was a hands-on architect and engineering manager at companies like Uber, Apple, Cisco and Caterpillar in laying the foundation for business transformation with data analytics platforms.

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