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The journey from a satisfied stakeholder to a sponsor 


Every Analytics organization that has successfully advanced along the maturity curve will attest to how perilous the journey was. It's a minefield of breaking what's working to go after something that's not proven yet, artfully saying no to some external requests to focus on the advancement goals and winning higher order investments to support growth needs. The biggest risk in all these is losing the stakeholders' engagement and support which is antithetical to the goal of incremental impact for these very same stakeholders. We share our experience (mistakes and lessons) along this journey and share our stakeholder engagement strategy based on best practices of User Journey management, User Experience Design and Communication plan.


As the Director of Analytics & A/B Testing within the Digital Product Organization at Visa, Inc. my core responsibility is to enable a Data Driven Decision Making framework for the Leadership and Decision Makers from Product, Marketing, Sales & Operations. I am passionate about the value of data & insights and love sharing the learning via talks at Conferences, blogs on Linkedin and contents on Slideshare.