August 28 to 30 2018, Santa Clara, CA.


Speaker "Rachel Silver" Details

Name :
rachel silver
Company :
Title :
Product Management
Topic :

A Containerized Approach to Data Science

Abstract :

Everybody is talking about how containerization and Kubernetes can enhance the productivity of data science teams and increase the time to insights. But, too frequently, use of containerization requires siloed clusters or data movement due to an inability to access data in the primary cluster from the containers. In this talk, I'll cover how containerization benefits all phases of the data science experience; exploration, training, and deployment. And then we'll dig into some Kubernetized options that allow for stateful data science workflows in containers that work with your data in place. In addition, we'll dig into how to create an end-to-end ML workflow on Kubernetes that is production grade and allows for replicable processes and CI/CD pipelines.

Profile :
Lead PM for Machine Learning at MapR Data Technologies. Prior to her position at MapR she has worked in the Big Data field as a Solutions Architect and Applications Engineer. Passionate about the intersection of data and humanity, Rachel is a big supporter of Open Source Software. Currently living in Pittsburgh, PA

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