August 28 to 30 2018, Santa Clara, CA.


Speaker "Nisha Talagala" Details

Name :
nisha talagala
Company :
Title :
Chief Technology Officer
Topic :

The Unspoken Truths of Deploying and Scaling ML in Production

Abstract :

Machine Learning is everywhere. However translating a data scientist's model into an operational environment is challenging for many reasons. Models may need to be distributed to remote applications to generate predictions, or in the case of re-training, existing models may need to be updated or replaced. To monitor and diagnose such configurations requires tracking many variables (such as performance counters, models, ML algorithm specific statistics and more). The situation is further complicated by the need for two very distinct roles (operations and data science) to collaborate, and the varied array of analytic engines that need to be combined for a practical deployment. We discuss the landscape of machine learning and deep learning infrastructure available to production users today and the challenges of addressing the production lifecycle and combining DevOps with ML (MLOps). We illustrate advances made in this space in both industry and academia and specific solutions involving popular engines such as Apache Spark and TensorFlow.

Profile :
Nisha Talagala is Co-founder, CTO/VP of Engineering at ParallelM, a startup focused on Production Machine Learning. As Fellow at SanDisk and Fellow/Lead Architect at Fusion-io, she led advanced technology development in Non-Volatile Memory and applications. Nisha has more than 15 years of expertise in software, distributed systems, machine learning, persistent memory, and flash. Nisha was also technology lead for server flash at Intel - where she led persistent memory/flash technology and storage-memory convergence. Nisha was also the CTO of Gear6, where she designed clustered computing caches for HPC. Nisha also served at Sun Microsystems, where she developed I/O solutions and file system optimization. Nisha earned her PhD at UC Berkeley on distributed systems research. Nisha holds 54 patents in distributed systems, networking, storage, performance and non-volatile memory. Nisha is a frequent speaker at both industry and academic conferences and serves on multiple technical conference program committees.

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