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Moving a 2PB on-premise Big Data platform to Amazon’s AWS EMR cloud services


Are you considering moving your Big Data systems to a cloud service? In this presentation, I will share my experience of migrating ~180 nodes ofon-premise Hadoop, Spark and H20 clusters to Amazon’s AWS EMR service. I will discuss the approach, challenges and lessons learned in completing this massive project in just 12 weeks. This was not just a “lift and shift” project, we moved forward 2 major releases of Hadoop, had 2PB of data to move and regeneratein the cloud and migrated our EDW and other major data sources at the same time to a new data center. You will take away actionable insights on how to tackle similar endeavors and learn the many considerations of moving to the cloud, including several unique surprises. 


Nick is currently Director of Enterprise Analytics at Seagate and is responsible for Seagate’s EDW, Big Data, Global BI and Advanced Analytics systems and architecture and agile development teams. Nick has extensive experience in IT leadership, Data warehousing, BI and Analytics solutions, International Banking and Brokerage systems and most recently launched a Big Data Hadoop and Data Sciences initiative at Seagate. Nick has held several IT leadership roles both in the US and internationally as CIO at The Fidelity Group of Companies in Nassau, The Bahamas, Director and Head of IT Europe at Gartner overseeing IT in 16 countries and a number of international consultancy postings including several years with The World Bank.