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Data Science in 15 Mins & The Real Problems in Data Science


In educating new data scientists we often spend quite a lot of time reviewing and reiterating concepts and proofs about many techniques that are way past their prime, while leaving real issues on the table. Today we confront this issue head on. We start by doing a 15 minute introduction to the 80% of data science that is consistently used in practice and then spend the rest of the session talking about the real world problems that people face and the solutions we will need for them.


Nathaniel earned his AB/SM in Computer Science from Harvard. He previously worked as a Quant and Trader at Jane Street and Goldman Sachs before transitioning into the pure tech industry. Nathaniel worked as a Data Scientist at Facebook, a Product Manager at Microsoft and a Software Engineer at Google before joining Vicarious. He is an avid reader and learner. He teaches part time at General Assembly and is developing open source teaching material for data science, machine learning, and web development.