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Evaluating Blockchain Companies


Learn how blockchain infrastructure companies are evaluated by an expert for potential investors. Since 1985, Mike Slinn has been performing technical due diligence for investors by evaluating startups, including their people, processes and technology. In this presentation, Mike explains the point-based scoring system that he uses when writing an assessment report, and how it applies to blockchain-related technology companies.


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Mike is a Principal at Micronautics Research and Managing Editor of Still a prolific programmer, Mike has forty years of experience as a software professional, and has contributed to several Ethereum-related open source projects. Mike focuses on value creation, including business drivers, technology and development methodology. Mike has published 3 books and dozens of technical articles on distributed systems topics. Trained as an electronics engineer, Mike has been recognized as an software expert in US federal court since 2003 and by a European ITC tribunal in 2014. Mike has done numerous technology evaluations for investors and underwriters.