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Product management of AI products


Learn how to find use case where Artificial Intelligence can be used to bring intelligence in to your enterprise product lines. How to Analyze, plan, and design Artificial Intelligence products in a SaaS environments. Best practices and lesson learned from Agile AI Product Lifecycle in details and proven AI Frameworks along with the knowledge how to guide AI teams and products to success.


Manjeet Singh is a product management leader for an enterprise product line with a billion+ dollar run rate at ServiceNow. In his current role, he is driving Insights in ITSM Apps through Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (NLP, Chat Bots, Benchmarks and Continuous Improvement). In his past experience at HP and early stage Startups, he has taken many cloud/data based products/solutions from ideation to a successful launch to both enterprise and consumer markets. He has a broad depth of experience including Software Development, Data Analytics, Quality Management, Service Management, Product Management and Strategy.