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The value of Big Data Analytics meeting the Blockchain


The use of blockchain technologies is gaining momentum around the world and the volume of data residing in the Blockchain is growing at an exponential rate. Compounding this “big data dilemma”, massive amounts of social media data related to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are also being generated. As a result, big data analytics is becoming absolutely crucial in uncovering hidden patterns in the underlying transactional data, gaining key insights into cryptocurrency trends and helping organizations use the blockchain to make more informed decisions. [NOTE] Applying alongside colleague Garrett MacDonald - we tend to riff off each other in a speaking context, so would appreciate being on the same panel if that's an option.


Liesl Eichholz is a Business Development Executive at Centrality, New Zealand’s leading blockchain venture studio. In this role, she actively seeks out new projects to onboard into Centrality’s decentralised app ecosystem. Liesl is also the co-creator of StateZero Labs, a global blockchain incubator. She is currently leading Centrality’s digital identity project, Ego, in partnership with Kiwibank and Datacom (as part of the Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator). With previous experience in consulting and contract management, Eichholz’s involvement in the blockchain industry has included roles with ConsenSys and the Blockchain Association of New Zealand, as well as independent consulting for projects such as Lunyr.