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AI use cases for the Manufacturing Industry


We will discuss the top use cases for Manufacturing industry utilizing AI and ML and where the most ROI is seen.  This talk applies to all types of manufacturers and Service Providers.  Talk will be catered to both business and technical users.


Karpagam Narayanan is a co-founder of eKryp, an Intelligent Service application.  eKryp, provides ML based predictions and prescriptive actionson Assets, People and Parts by continuously learning from your service data and is delivered as a SaaS product.  Manufacturers and Service Providers can reduce service costs by over 30%, and parts inventory by 10% by predicting failure, and parts demand.   


Prior to eKryp, Karpagam is a co-founder and President of Paloras Corporation, an install base analytics company till successful exit in 2016. The San Francisco Business Times recognized Paloras as a Top 100 software company in 2014 and 2013. Karpagam believes in AI being inclusive of people with various attitudes and aptitudes. She is now a board member of TiE Silicon Valley, an organization that focuses on advising and mentoring technology startups.She has been a leader, mentor and volunteer for Girl Scouts for 14 years, raising awareness of STEM, especially among girls. She started advanced math clubs at elementary schools and was a mentor in the Maker Faire, Bay Area Science Festival, FIRST robotics, and Western Regional Robotics programs in the Bay area. 


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