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A practical example of enabling Machine Learning functions in your enterprise


With the AI hype cycle still being pretty active, a lot of companies are still struggling with how best to bootstrap and more importantly successfully point their AI capabilities to achieve bottom line growth. Having spent the last a few years bootstrapping Machine Learning at Workday, we have learnt a lot about how best to take a Machine Learning function to solve real business problems. With investments in Machine Learning infrastructure and environments, building distributed Machine Learning microservices that are part of cohesive enterprise SaaS infrastructure and by establishing and streamlining Data Science use case pipeline processes, we have gone from being able to ship 1 product use case a year to productizing 3-5 use cases every 6 months. In the session, we will share a deep learning use case in Workday Expense application to demonstrate how the thought process works practically and how we deliver the solution with the scale and performance to meet enterprise customer requirements. You will walk out of this session with a practical framework that will help you take the Machine learning function successfully in your company.


Hanlin Fang is an accomplished and dedicated product leader. She combined her unique experience of over 15 years in engineering and product management experience with emerging technology companies. Currently Hanlin is the head of machine learning product management organization at Workday, a SaaS provider for human capital and financials management solutions. Hanlin is responsible for leading machine learning product strategy and driving product execution across Workday’s product portfolio with customer-centric designs. Hanlin has been always passionate about how technology innovation enables business disruptions and industry revolutions. Her career has spanned from Internet infrastructure, SaaS applications, IoT analytics platform, to machine learning across different companies. In Hanlin’s spare time, she satisfies her curiosity with creative pursuits. Her most recent hobbies include home-made cosmetic experiments and interior design and home remodeling.