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The Future of Experiential Retail with IoT, Big Data, and Augmented Reality


In this presentation, we showcase how IoT, big data, and augmented reality will be the future of experiential retail. Leveraging anonymous IoT data and video analytics, we will highlight various experiments that we have conducted that enable a highly personalized customer experience in an example retail coffee environment.


Gary Nakanelua is a professional technologist with over 15 years of experience. Gary believes in the power of community, strategic vision, and superior execution to drive business transformation. As the co-founder of multiple companies, Gary has a passion for fostering entrepreneurship and technology evangelism. Gary’s focus areas for driving business transformation center around cloud strategy & implementation, distributed data processing & analytics platforms, and VR/AR experience development. As an inquisitive technologist, who is excited by the real-world application of new technology to solve business problems, Gary leads a team that is constantly exploring and experimenting with new hardware, platforms, and frameworks. As Managing Director of Experimentation and Invention, Gary is responsible for the experimentation and creation of Blueprint’s transformative products. With his diverse background, Gary brings a new perspective to problems that businesses are facing today to create quantifiable solutions driven through a high level of collaborative thought processing, strategic planning, and cannibalization.