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Petabyte Scale AI Platform& Data Applications.


This talk will cover specifics of Verizon’s AI Platform named Orion with emphasis on large scale ML. Data applications deployed on Orion helps improve Verizon customer experience. Advanced ML capabilities are exercised to build some of the compelling features in the hosted data applications on Orion.


Ganesh Harinath is Director of Engineering AI Platform and Applications at Verizon. In his current role, he leads Architecture, Engineering, Dev DevOps of Petabyte scale platform and engineering of data applications deployed on the platform. He and his team built Orion for Verizon and currently developing multiple big data products in the areas of advertising, IoT, cybersecurity, network health management, telematics primarily driven by scalable machine learning algorithms. Prior to joining Verizon, he was heading the operational analytics initiative at Zynga where he was responsible for surfacing insights around health of the infrastructure (from around 50 thousand servers) and 10’s of game applications. Throughout his career, Ganesh Harinath lead initiatives building large scale systems. Ganesh Harinath holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Electronics from Osmania University India.