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The Faces Behind the Data Points: Combating AI Bias in Product Development


Summary: Companies have increasingly leveraged AI to build data products. While this can potentially lead to many exciting innovations, there may be biases in AI. One problem is with commonly-used facial analysis algorithms, which tend to fail more often specifically on female faces of color. In the presentation, I outline: *Examples of how AI biases led to failures in products *Why AI is often biased *The results of an audit on facial analysis / object detection algorithms I conducted, in which I found discrepancies in the detection of black female faces *5 ways companies can combat AI bias in product development, in order to ensure high quality data products.


Diana is a Senior Data Scientist at Viacom, where she works on data products that benefit advertising clients. She is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business and studied business analytics, statistics, and data science.