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General Keynote: Latest trends in AI, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain & Autonomous vehicles


Enormous amount of Data generated by compute and IOT devices across industries and across the globe combined with infinite compute and storage resources at utility pricing level is breaking all barriers to bring efficiency and intelligence through automation.  Technologies like Machine Learning and BlockChain will open up new markets that, we have never seen before,  be it agriculture, heavy industries, hospitality, healthcare, genetics, finance, auto, traditional IT etc and could potentially disrupt many of these industries. These new fields will imminently lead to tremendous opportunities for next gen entrepreneurs - perhaps even bigger than what we all saw during the internet revolution in mid 90s.


BV Jagadeesh is Managing Partner at KAAJ Ventures. He has successfully invested and guided companies such as Nutanix (IPO), Yodlee (IPO), Arkin (acqd: VMWare), Elastic Box (acqd: Century Link), NetMagic Solutions (acqd: NTT), Ocarina Networks (acqd: Dell) and Ankeena (acqd: Juniper) to name a few.

Before founding KAAJ, BV Jagadeesh served as a founding investor and CEO of NetScaler. NetScaler pioneered the concept of Application Delivery and was successfully sold to Citrix for $325M and served as Group VP and GM for Citrix's Application Networking division. Prior to Netscaler, he co-founded and served as CTO of Exodus communications in 1993 that pioneered the concept of Internet data centers. He was instrumental in the successful IPO of Exodus in 1998.

Currently Jagadeesh is an active investor and serves on the board of several SiliconValley StartUPs. He is also an adjunct faculty at the Leavey School of Business, SCU.

Jagadeesh is also very actively involved with several non profits for the betterment of the world such as UVCE Foundation - providing scholarships to deserving students, One School At A Time - Constructs School buildings for the under privileged, Akshaya Patra - providing mid day meals to 1.6 Million children everyday.