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The Blockchain DAO/DAC: (Decentralized Autonomous Organization / Community): How humans networked to build a blockchain of governance, privacy, cryptonomic stability, and personality.


You've never seen a cryptocurrency blockchain quite like PIVX. That’s because to date, no other single cryptocurrency outside of PIVX has successfully developed and delivered an ecosystem of 1) blockchain-based governance and voting system in which any community member can submit a proposal for consideration and discussion, after which certain PIVX holders, those operating “masternodes”, vote in a transparent and democratic way, 2) Instant transactions, 3) Options for public and private transactions, 4) Storing wealth in way that is completely anonymous (while at the same time earning a highly attractive rate of interest), 5) a unique economic model including both inflationary and deflationary mechanisms that encourage spending, support growth, fund the continued development of the project, while at the same time protect the value of savers, 6) a track record of crypto firsts and innovations, 7) a friendly, human centric community.


Bryan Doreian Vision caster, serial entrepreneur, academic scholar, cryptocurrency ambassador. Philadelphian from birth, and a dual Aussie/American Citizen. Proud to be part of this human adventure, exploring life and manifesting, uplifting, empowering, and creating new ventures through incredible people. Holds dual Bachelors of Science Degrees (Chemical Engineering and Chemistry). Completed a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biophysics. Founded an Education Technology Company in 2012 based on solving needs in niche test-prep arenas with highly credentialed individuals. Co-Founded a holistic health company in 2016. Published several short poems. On the board of advisors of several blockchain related endeavors. Entered cryptocurrency in 2012 (with the handle “SnappySnap”), and since then has been working with communities and projects that seek to be of use to the world. With PIVX: Host of PIVXPress and Did You Know Series for PIVX. Community Sherpa and Philadelphia Ambassador for PIVX. Select Speaking Engagements First Annual Red Pill Expo: 2017 Cryptocurrency Virtual Summit: 2017 Bitcoin, Ethereum Superconference: 2018 The Crypto Virtual Summit: 2018 Generation Now with Gary Vaynerchuk 2018 Select Interviews and Podcasts: The CryptoLark The Cryptoverse The CryptoSpark Tai Wen CryptoCurrency Trading Group CryptoCurrency Investing Group 1410 KMYC Talk Radio “The Good Life” Center For Progressive Urban Politics Crypto Expert UK Crypt0 News PIVX interview live from BTC Miami 2018 Future Tech Podcast