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How Blockchain will Revolutionize Digital Advertising


Blockchain is impacting every industry with its transformative attributes, and digital advertising is next. The future of advertising is secure, verifiable, scalable, and standardized. Join Breaux Walker, SVP – Blockchain to hear how XCHNG will lead the digital advertising revolution and what it means for marketers like you.


Breaux Walker is an international blockchain and tokenization business development leader. As SVP Blockchain at Kochava, Breaux is responsible for business development of the Kochava-sponsored open source blockchain project, XCHNG. Previously, Breaux was the SVP, International for Union Mobile Fintech, a publicly-listed Chinese fintech company. Prior to joining UMF, he was a partner at Kuan Capital, where he invested in fintech, mobile, and Internet companies in China. Breaux has 10+ years of investment banking experience and was a managing director with JMP Securities’ investment banking group. He oversaw the China investment banking team and managed the company’s joint venture with China Merchants Securities. Throughout his career, Breaux has been an entrepreneur and banker in the mobile and Internet sectors in the US and China, closing over $1B in transactions. He is fluent in written and spoken Mandarin Chinese.