August 28 to 30 2018, Santa Clara, CA.

Speaker "Ali Arsanjani" Details

Name :
ali arsanjani
Title :
VP AI and Machine Learning
Topic :

Best and Worst Practices for Creating a AI/ML Practice: The Ten Labors of a Data Scientist

Abstract :

In this talk we will explore some positive and negative practices in getting a AI/ML Division up and running.

We will explore seven dimensions:

Organizational: Setting up a ML Practice, the AI Center of Excellence
Governance: How to set up the Data infrastructure to make ML Modeling even possible
Applications/Tools : technical Feasibility Exploration or "are you ready for a commitment?"
Architecture : SOA meets ML and Falls in Love
ML Models: What to use , when
Infrastructure: How do I move data around? How do I deploy Models?

Profile :

Dr. Ali Arsanjani is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer for IBM Analytics Hybrid Cloud and Machine Learning responsible for WW enablement of services teams with IBM's latest product assets to support providing highly customized solutions to clients’ complex problems by leveraging a spectrum of capabilities from data science, analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing. He has led solution development of context-aware, sentiment-sensitive cognitive systems that combine unstructured content and structured data to provide actionable insights for clients in finance, healthcare, retail, automotive. His career spans CTO responsibilities for SOA, BPM, Analytics, Machine Learning and Cognitive Systems.


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