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Analytics Powered by Conversation


There is a growing need to make big data more accessible and intuitive for enterprises. By applying artificial intelligence to power smart conversations about data, chatbots will transform the way companies rely on intelligent conversations to make decisions. Having a personal analytics assistant makes it as simple as having a conversation to get all the powerful answers you need for success.

-AI (artificial intelligence) + BI (business intelligence) + CI (conversational interfaces) is coming together to create new, magical experiences for users
-Interact with chatbots using natural language and voice support
-Getting answers from chatbots in the most helpful format: text, data visualizations, emails, reports, etc.
-Personalized preferences and custom triggers to produce relevant, smart answers at a faster rate
-Use case enterprise sales -Q&A 

Aristotle ...
-will change how enterprises receive and understand information by providing new interfaces powered by conversations
-is always on, delivering smart and flexible analytics through conversations on mobile devices using standard messaging tools and voice-activated interfaces
-dramatically reduces the time to data for all business users, thereby accelerating the pace of business.
-streamlines the way analysts use their time, preparing companies for the growing data needs of the near future.


Adrien Schmidt is the CEO of and an internationally recognized entrepreneur, engineer and innovator. In 2004 he co-founded Squid Solutions, a software company based in Paris that provides usage analytics to publishers around the world. He rapidly turned companies into data-driven enterprises and opened offices in Beijing and San Francisco. On a mission to become a market leader in a new generation of analytics tools, Adrien co-founded Bouquet in 2015, a software enterprise company that powers AI-powered chatbot, called Aris, that turns data analytics into meaningful conversation through natural language, acting as a mobile assistant 24/7. Adrien speaks five languages, is a Huffington Post contributor and most recently a featured speaker at Plotcon, Decentralized AI, IoT World. Follow Adrien on Twitter at @a_schm.