August 28 to 30 2018, Santa Clara, CA.


Speaker "Aaron Werman" Details

Name :
aaron werman
Company :
Title :
Big Data Consultant
Topic :

Best Practices in Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Abstract :

Everyone is building data for analysis in the cloud or will soon be doing it. Here is a set of practices and strategies that have worked well for BI and data science in the cloud. We will discuss questions like: how best to design? Which cloud database to use for which use case? Best fits for Redshift/Snowflake/Azure SQL Warehouse/BigQuery and a few others. Costs and effort considerations. What has worked for others and why? Technical and leadership considerations will be covered.

Profile :
Aaron Werman has been a leader in the data warehousing space for decades and has managed and built many large data warehouses, data lakes, and data science environments. He is currently lead consultant for EDW.Cloud a company specializing in migrating data warehouses to the cloud and leads the large community blog at EDW.Cloud

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