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Improving Driver Communication - Uber's NLP and Conversational AI applications


In this talk, we offer a glimpse inside how Uber leverages NLP and state of the art conversational AI technologies to enhance driver communication within Uber’s in-app chat platform. We introduce our own One-Click-Chat (a.k.a. OCC) smart reply system and the voice-controlled Driver Assistant, and delve deeper into how AI is employed to move the needle and make tangible business impact.
We further walk through the opportunities, as well as challenges of deploying such complex models in real-world applications. Last but not least, we briefly discuss some of the cutting-edge research Uber is investing in the domain of natural language understanding.


Yue is a senior data scientist and tech lead on Uber's Conversational AI team leading the effort in the domains of deep learning, natural language processing, conversational AI systems, streaming analytics, and real-time monitoring