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Pitfalls and panacea: AI and Cybersecurity


Cyber Security and AI/ML , combining unicorns The New York Times report there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions by 2021. The MIT Technology Review reported that fewer than one in four applicants in cybersecurity were even qualified. Combine the inherent difficulty of cybersecurity with this scarce availability of a qualified workforce, poorly conceived AI/ML becomes either a recipe for disaster or snake-oil that fails to protect you. This talk will cover the role for AI/ML in augmenting your security workforce as well as the pitfalls to avoid investing resources in at-best snake-oil efforts. Avoiding these mistakes is especially important as enterprises move to the complex, hybrid or hybrid multi-cloud environments emerging in the enterprise IT landscape and threatening to inundate already overwhelmed cybersecurity resources.
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General Audience
Prerequisite knowledge:
AI basics,
What you'll learn?
How to properly apply AI in the context of Cybersecurity


LONG FORM: Dr. Wayne Chung is the Chief Analytics Officer, US for BlueVoyant. Prior to BlueVoyant, Dr. Chung served as the Chief Technology Officer for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Innovator-In-Residence at the National Security Agency’s Cybersecurity and Computer Network Operations Mission. As the CTO for the FBI Dr. Chung lead the scientific working group for Artificial Intelligence, shaping the rapid, responsible, and appropriate use policies for Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for public safety. Additionally Dr. Chung worked to advance commercial cloud adoption and enterprise technology and cybersecurity modernization efforts. Dr. Chung previously worked as a technical lead and senior researcher across NSA’s information assurance and intelligence missions. His past work includes development of collections, high-speed processing, cloud and streaming analytics, and vulnerability analysis in hardware and software.