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Scene Comprehension and Contextual Classification for In-Store Security


AI-based facial identification and matching up with FBI watch list (of criminals or terrorists)
AI-based detection of guns and weapons of people entering a store and detection of the face of the person carrying it
Detection & recording of suspicious activity of a person in a store (including shoplifting) and alerts to store security personnel
Computer vision based tracking of suspects within a store from the time they are flagged to the time they exit the store, including precise knowledge of their in-store location


Vijay Nadkarni is Vice President and Head, Artificial Intelligence at Tech Mahindra, responsible for AI technology and customer engagements across multiple verticals including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom and others. Previously, Vijay was the global head of AI at Visteon, responsible for AI across its product lines, notably autonomous driving and digital cockpit. A veteran of Silicon Valley, Vijay has co-founded multiple startups in AI and cloud computing, of which Veraz Networks, a VoIP company, went public. Earlier in his career, Vijay initiated and headed the VoIP business unit at US Robotics (acquired by 3Com), prior to which he was a lead architect for Motorola’s cellular switch. Vijay has an MBA and MS in Electrical Engineering, both from Northwestern University, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Bombay.