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Microservices for cloud products


Building Microservices are an essential pathway to leveraging your machine learning models. Machine learning models are dime a dozen, so are the infrastructure solutions. Whether the models are scikit-learn or tensor-flow you need to train them and serve them at scale. There are many tools to bring about offline training, but few address online training and/or online predictions. But these are basic questions. You need to think beyond them. The talk with focus on few questions you need to worry about to bring about full circle to your machine learning projects.

Who is this presentation for?
ML Architetcs, ML Engineers

Prerequisite knowledge:
Machine learning, Python programming

What you'll learn?
Evaluate technology stack essentials to put machine learning models into production.


Venkata Duvvuri is currently a Consulting Staff Data Scientist at Oracle corporation. He is also an adjunct faculty at Northeastern Univ. teaching data analytics. He is results oriented data science, business, web & marketing analytics leader with over 10 years experience in Data science, Business Analytics, Digital Media Analytics and Web Marketing optimization with leading internationally recognized corporations, additional 8 years software engineering experience and a top business school MBA. He has experience in management of onshore and offshore teams as well as leadership experience ranging from Director to Manager at Fortune 100 companies including marketing agencies. He is a cross functional leader and subject matter expert in machine learning. He has driven improvements in business & online marketing outcomes to the tunes of several million dollars at Oracle, eBay (Triad Retail Media), Conversant (Alliance Data), AT&T (Cricket Wireless) and crunched several terabytes of data at Apple Corporation. He hold a Masters in Computer science from University of Massachusetts – Amherst and a MBA from University of California- Davis.