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Cloud services, data, consultants, and advanced analytics platforms.


My group specializes in open source analytics solutions that are hosted in the cloud. Transitioning legacy processes to machine learning approaches and migrating to a cloud environment. Weighing the center of excellence vs embedded teams. Also, partnerships with local universities to try to fill the talent gap.
Who is this presentation for?
Anyone that is just getting an analytics team started that is considering everything from structure, to systems, and the people needed.. Groups preparing to migrate to a cloud services platform that use python or spark.
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic cloud, sql, and python.
What you'll learn?
Lessons learned and best practices. A few tricks to make the most of budget dollars.


Tom Tiefenworth is the chief technologist on the Compliance Analytics Team where he leads a team that works to expand the analytical capabilities of the firm by leveraging additional technology for data-driven outcomes and insights. The team leverages a variety of business intelligence tools and open source software packages, such as R and Python, to shed light on these insights. He is a member of Legg’s AI Task Force, where he works to deploy RPA and machine learning solutions throughout the firm and the Blockchain Working Group, with a focus on blockchain based assets. In addition, Tom is on the Looking Outward Committee that explores disruptive trends and technologies that can impact the asset management industry.