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a. Topic - Considering Data Privacy in  Cloud for AI/ML Workloads
b.Practical  Workshop on Containers and Kubernetes.


Practical  Workshop on Containers and Kubernetes.

  • VMs, Containers  Introduction and Docker as Container
  • Labs on Containers
  • Advanced Container topics like Swarm, Security and  Private Registry with Labs 
  • Docker Orchestration and Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes  Labs
  • Kubernetes  Architecture  and Labs 
  • Docker to Kubernetes End to End Demonstration 
  • Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud , Tips/Tricks
  • BYOP  ( Bring your own project )  and/or Team Exercise on Cloud 
  • QA
Topic - Considering Data Privacy in  Cloud for AI/ML Workloads
Data Privacy has been a hot topic in recent years since passage of GDPR in May 2018 and CCPA from Jan 2020. In this talk, I will review what GDPR/CCPA  are, what businesses do to stay compliant and what you can do to stay compliant. We will look at how Data Privacy also  plays a crucial role in your Cyber Security Defense and Control deployment.   Cloud providers rest customer  data privacy to you and you have to make sure that you find  sensitive data,  protect it and them responsibly share it. On top of it, you should be able to give list of all records where customer data resides on demand. There are many such requirements to be compliant. In the end,  we will pick an AI/ML DevOps pipeline and discuss how can we make it complaint at IaaS, PaaS and SaaS levels.


Sunil Sabat is currently founder and CEO of The Binayak Group (TBG ).  He works with clients on data integration, data security and multi cloud enterprise deployment  matters. Before founding TBG, he was Senior director at BiGID, leading data privacy solution provider. Before BigID, he was director of Product Management at Protegrity Inc  where he managed  Big Data and Cloud products. Under his leadership, Protegrity big data products  were released  on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Before Protegrity, he worked at Informatica as Principal Product Manager and Technical Alliance Manager.  He has worked at Startups, Intel, IBM and Cadence before. He  has MS ( Comp Eng), MS ( Comp Sc. ) and MBA. He is Salesforce, AWS, IBM, CompTIA  and Microsoft certified. He has spoken at Intel, IBM, Global Big Data, Silicon Valley Code Camp and many other conferences in past. He has taught at  Santa Clara University as adjunct faculty as well. His big data blog is available  at