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Anonymous Id Stitching and Visitor Recognition


Anonymous ID stitching is a gnarly problem that is pervasive within FinTech where a person can browse websites and applications either as an anonymous user or as a logged in user. The problem is generally exacerbated by handling these multiple personas in different siloed systems, and thereby leading to a dichotomy of data. This session will explore how Intuit solves Anonymous ID stitching by leveraging AI, ML, and its Design4Delight process to deliver deeply personalized experiences within its products
Who is this presentation for?
Architects, Engineering leaders


Sridhar Raman leads the Identity Profile platform organization at Intuit. He brings a unique blend of experience at the intersection of Big Data, Machine Learning, Engineering, and Product. He brings over 2 decades of experience having donned leadership roles in companies across Asia, Europe, and North America. When he is not pondering over the next big customer problem to solve, he is seen huffing and puffing his way to the finish lines at half marathons in the Bay area.