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How Serverless has failed us!


As workloads started moving to public cloud, the first phase was lift and shift i.e. having infrastructure on cloud identical to the on-premise setup. The next phase of cloud adoption was supposed to be migrating to more cloud-native technologies, and eventually moving to serverless, making infrastructure invisible. In this talk, Rishi explains how that promise was too good to be true and how it ultimately led to the rise of containerized architecture. 


Rishi has co-founded a stealth mode startup which is backed by some of the leading VCs in the silicon valley. Prior to that, Rishi co-founded InfoObjects which specialized in data science and data engineering services. Prior to that Rishi worked as a software engineer at Netflix as part of their Algorithms and Analytics division. He has written two books on Apache Spark. Rishi graduated from IIT Delhi in 1998.