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Top 5 Things Learnt from Deploying Real-World AI Apps


While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fueling amazing innovation in many industries, deep learning and various related technologies remain a giant mystery for most looking to get started. At Pure, we helped build and deploy some of the most advanced infrastructures for AI, including powerful AI supercomputers to systems for customers across use cases including healthcare, financial services, and autonomous vehicles. In this session will share the top five lessons learned in making AI initiatives successful in real-world deployments.
Who is this presentation for?
CIO, Data Architects, Data Scientistists
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What you'll learn?
What are the common pitfalls that derail an AI initiative and best practice guide to avoid them


Ramnath Sai Sagar leads Products and Solutions for AI and Analytics at Pure. Previously, he worked at Mellanox Technologies, leading the market development activities for AI, BigData & Cloud. Before that, he was the RDMA Solutions Evangelist and led Cloud & Big Data strategy at Emulex. Prior to joining Emulex, he worked in two of the most prestigious research labs in Europe - Brain Mind Institute at EPFL, Switzerland and Barcelona Supercomputing Center in Spain. He has 15+ patents & publications in leading conferences and journals.