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AI in Personalized Healthcare: Inconvenient Truth or Big Opportunity?


AI in healthcare is being highlighted as a great opportunity, and many in the healthcare industry are focusing on AI’s role in enabling personalized medicine. Many believe AI will help physicians achieve superior diagnostics as well as hone treatment options. However, some AI researchers and professionals acknowledge that there is an “inconvenient truth” around AI, particularly the deficiencies of AI datasets. This presentation will focus on the opportunities of bringing AI and blockchain technology together to solve the challenges of AI datasets. The future of personalized healthcare will be realized through the convergence of AI plus blockchain and IoT technologies.


Radhika Iyengar-Emens is a TEDx speaker, a Silicon Valley Woman of Influence, author, a serial entrepreneur, influencer and an expert in enterprise blockchain + healthcare. She is the Managing Partner of DoubleNova Group, a Silicon Valley-based blockchain advisory that advises tech clients on blockchain strategy and digital transformation through blockchain. DoubleNova Group is a member and advisor to DAIA (Decentralized AI Alliance). Radhika has been a guest speaker at Google, Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCLA, and is a sought-after keynote and speaker at prominent blockchain + healthcare conferences in Silicon Valley and internationally. She frequently speaks about the confluence of blockchain, AI and IoT in healthcare. She has been featured in top video interviews, podcasts and radio shows. She has just published a book on enterprise blockchain. Radhika is an advisor to top blockchain and digital health startups globally. She has raised $100M+ as an advisor and through international acceleration programs. Radhika is a passionate advocate for women in technology and diversity, an active speaker on women in blockchain/AI panels at major conferences. She is multilingual in 9 languages, a Certified Network Engineer (CNE), and holds an A.B. from Bryn Mawr College plus an MBA from Chapman University.