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Leverage AI and Machine Learning for growing new markets, and optimize operational costs


In shared economy, customer behavior is fast changing. Business customers (B2B) are demanding insights to better manage their operations, and individual consumers (B2C) are looking for relevant, timely, and easier access to information. AI and Machine Learning are helping to achieve these needs, while also providing ways to optimize operational costs thereby making the business profitable.
Learn how insights are incorporated into customer and operational products using design thinking, strategy, and data. Hear Healthcare and cross industry use cases, customer driven design, data engineering, and data sciences methodologies. Discuss the challenges in making the data usable and scalableand practical ways to make progress while keeping product goal in mind. Review making AI at scale, and bring fail-fast approaches to innovation, while managing cross-functional stakeholders’ expectations.


Parag is a data architecture and products leader at McKesson, and leads the strategy, implementation, and management of enterprise data. He has led multiple initiatives at McKesson including data analytics for Joint Venture between McKesson and Walmart, wherein the partnership resulted in joint sourcing of Generics Pharmaceutical. He also led Synergy analytics for McKesson’s $8B acquisition in Europe. Prior to McKesson, was a Technology Consulting Manager at Deloitte, primarily focused on data and technology strategy and transformation at large Healthcare provider, payor, and medical device companies, scoping, planning, and implementing the clinical information systems, insurance claims platform stabilization, and business intelligence.