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Keynote Panel -   AI in Finance 


Keynote Panel -  Finance Track:  AI in Finance 
Keynote Panel: Solving Business Problems with AI 


With a multi-decade engineering career in which he has both envisioned and architected next generation computing models, Nandu Jayakumar is leading the Omniscience engineering team to build out the company’s breakthrough data science and artificial intelligence technologies. Most recently, he was VP of Software Development at Oracle Corporation with the team that took the company’s analytics platform and products into the cloud. Previously, at Visa Inc., Jayakumar led a global team building services and access methods to Visa's centralized data platform (at petabyte scale) with stringent compliance and security requirements; among other things, he also headed the technical architecture work related to Visa's strategic "Data Replatform" initiative to transform the management of data at Visa, and more. Prior to this, as the architect for Yahoo's advertising and audience data assets, Jayakumar was instrumental in many of the technology advances that defined the last decade in web advertising. With a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Bangalore University and a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University, Jayakumar has spoken and written in multiple venues on big data, data analytics, and distributed computing technologies.