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Case studies in AI for medical devices


In this talk we will present case studies in image segmentation, landmark detection, and video analysis for a number of real world medical applications. We shall explore algorithmic solutions for practical issues critical to effective implementation, such as hyperparameter selection and failure analysis, tradeoff between resolution and running time, as well as leveraging classical computer vision to enhance the effectiveness of deep learning in specific situations.

Who is this presentation for?
Medical device developers looking to leverage AI to solve computer vision tasks
Prerequisite knowledge:

What you'll learn?
Technologies and project management tips in computer vision for medical applications


Moshe Safran is the CEO of RSIP Vision USA. He has for more than ten years served in various roles at RSIP Vision, rising to the role of VP of Research and Development, providing new ways for the company to solve complex AI technology challenges, and spearheading and managing a fourfold growth of the RSIP algorithm development group. In his new role as CEO of RSIP Vision USA Moshe takes on the additional role of head of business development for the United States and Canada. Moshe joined RSIP Vision in 2008 as an algorithm developer before serving as algorithm team leader & research scientist. He led the implementation of a wide variety of computer vision projects, from developing a patented algorithm for 3D reconstruction of heart chambers using parametric modeling, to semiconductor precise measurements, deep learning, microscopy, precise agriculture and more. He earned his BSc degree in physics (Summa Cum Laude) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, after which he spent three years in a computational neuroscience Ph.D. program, researching the fly visual system and medical image processing.