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Research to Production: The things you want to know about training & deploying deep learning systems at scale


Misha will cover topics related to enterprise machine learning pipelines, including taking models from research to production, developing state of the art machine learning pipelines, and operationalizing models.
Misha will also cover unlocking reproducibility and collaboration within your machine learning team and rapidly iterating your model development.
Who is the presentation for: Data Scientists, ML Engineers, Deep Learning Engineers, Software Developers


Misha Kutsovsky is a Product Manager at Paperspace working on the Gradient team. He has expertise in machine learning, deep learning, distributed training, and MLOps. Previously he was on Microsoft's Windows Active Defense team building fileless malware detection software and tooling machine learning systems for Microsoft DevOps & Data Scientist teams. He has an M.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.