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Using AI to Build More Secure Software


MITRE's growing Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) list -- nearly 150,000 and growing -- is testament that building software that is resistant and resilient to attack remains difficult. The introduction of SecDevOps looks to improve security of software but has not taken advantage of how artificial intelligence could be used to improve the security of software. This presentation will discuss why the construction of secure software is a concern beyond the IT industry, the elements of a secure software development process and how artificial intelligence could be applied to improve that process. The discussion will then consider additional security issues facing the construction of artificial intelligence software.
Who is this presentation for?
Developers of software, including AI systems
Prerequisite knowledge:
General software development practices
What you'll learn?
Potential uses of AL technology to improve software development and emerging security risks of AI systems


Dr. Mark Sherman is the Technical Director of the Cyber Security Foundations group at CERT within CMU’s Software Engineering Institute. His team focuses on foundational research on the life cycle for building secure software and on data analytics in cyber security. Before coming to CERT, Dr. Sherman was at IBM and various startups, working on mobile systems, integrated hardware-software appliances, transaction processing, languages and compilers, virtualization, network protocols and databases. Dr. Sherman received his undergraduate degrees from MIT and his PhD in Computer Science from CMU.