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Human-machine-AI collaborative IoT systems – Challenges and Approaches to enable an effective partnership and bring them to reality


In this session, we will discuss how Humans, Machines and AI systems can effectively and collaboratively form a partnership complementing each other’s skills doing more together than they could do on their own across various industrial and commercial IoT use-cases to improve efficiency and cost. We will discuss various challenges and mechanism to bring these systems to reality across commercial and industrial use-cases.
Who is this presentation for?
Business Leaders looking to implement IoT commercially and in their manufacturing plant


Dr. Manish Mehta currently leads the charter at Stanley Black and Decker on Open Innovation. In his current role, he is responsible for Identifying innovative approaches of high margin, high growth commercial opportunities in the areas of advanced materials, batteries, AI, machine learning, robotics, industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, IoT, and cybersecurity in various industry verticals including Security, Power Tools, Healthcare, Engineering Fasteners & Oil and Gas. Before Stanley Black and Decker, Dr. Mehta drove the innovation agenda of a strategically important program for Accenture around Industry 4.0. Before Accenture, Dr. Mehta innovated, incubated and industrialized multiple magical user experiences - including designing next generation of Disneyland theme park attraction - Turtle Talk with Crush and exhibits at Hans Christian Andersen museum, Denmark and Beall Center of Art and Technology, UCI Irvine. Dr. Mehta earned his PhD in AI, Robotics and AI from Georgia Tech and his work has been presented at White House, Stanford, Microsoft, IBM and LinkedIn and has received extensive press coverage including USA Today, MSNBC, Washington Post, Bloomberg and InformationWeek.