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Introducing Advanced Analytics in decision making


Introducing Advanced Analytics in decision making

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A visionary leader with pragmatic planning skills and ability to implement effectively to transform vision into reality. Deep experience in building and leading teams with diverse skill sets, hands on experience and passion to design actionable analytical solutions, consistent and explainable performance measures and useful insights by transforming data. o Introduced analytical solutions in the decision-making process with remarkable adoption. o Deployed innovative analytical solutions to increase productivity, and revenue while optimizing employee’s time. o Developed client segmentation to facilitate right touch to the right clients that led to improved client satisfaction. o Designed effective financial models that led to effective cost management and savings. o Re-engineered information flow and processes that increase employee engagement. o Applied statistical and econometric principles to transform data into useful insights for strategic planning and marketing and treat data as an asset while avoiding the risk. o Build highly productive and motivated analytics teams with diverse skill sets including business analysts, programmers, and statisticians.