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To Arms: Winning the Misinformation War


In this talk, Danielle Deibler will discuss a technical approach to detecting bias, fine-grained emotional sentiment, and dis/misinformation through the detection of political narratives in online media. As building blocks, this methodology uses human-in-the-loop, alongside other natural language processing and computational linguistics techniques, with examples focused on the 2020 US presidential election.
Who is this presentation for?
Anyone interested in US politics or disinformation/misinformation
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic understanding of standard natural language processing techniques Understanding of social media
What you'll learn?
How to identify and analyze disinformation/misinformation campaigns How to apply NLP techniques to detect persistent narratives in social and news media.


Danielle Deibler is the Co-Founder and CEO of MarvelousAI, an early-stage start-up. Their focus is building natural language technology to discover and expose misinformation and bias to enable advocates to devise counter-measures and immunities. Deibler has over 25 years in Internet security, networking, software engineering, machine learning, and AI technologies. She was CEO and Co-Founder of leading Reg-Tech start-up, founder of app developer Apps54, and founder and CEO of gaming company Ignited Artists. Before that, she was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Trinity Ventures. Deibler has held senior leadership positions in engineering, business, and product management for KIXEYE, Adobe, DIGEX, and UltraDNS.