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Quantum computing


Quantum computing quickly transitions from a scientific curiosity to a practical tool. Major players have already developed working prototypes of practical quantum computers. Private businesses, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Intel and Microsoft, and governments around the world, work hard, and spend billions of dollars, to achieve viable commercial quantum supremacy faster than their competitors. Now the time has come for everyone who works in technology to master the subject, or risk to be left behind when the next technological wave will sweep the market. In this presentation we will give a brief introduction to basic concepts and physical principles behind quantum computing, and its application to general problems in computer science and machine learning. For those who want to learn and master the subject beyond the introductory levels, we highly recommend checking out a forthcoming course in quantum computing and its applications designed to address the immediate needs of professionals that is being developed in cooperation with the department of electrical engineering and computer science at UC-Berkeley and technology experts.
Who is this presentation for?
IT professional and business leaders
Prerequisite knowledge:
None. Basic familiarity with linear algebra is helpful
What you'll learn?
Introduction to quantum computing principles and practical applications


Professor of mathematics, Program director for math and computer science at UC-Berkeley. In charge of online and classroom courses (UC-Berkeley, Extension)