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Identity Resolution: Transforming Consumer Data to meaningful People-Based IDs


LiveRamp’s identity resolution transforms consumer data from every touchpoint into meaningful person-based identifiers. Our identity graph provides accuracy, reach, privacy, flexibility, and scale, enabling sophisticated, data-driven customer acquisition and retention strategies. Our identity resolution is built from two complementary graphs combining offline data and online data, providing the highest level of accuracy while still being privacy compliant. LiveRamp technology for offline data (personally identifiable or “PII”) gives brands and platforms the ability to connect and update what they know about consumers, resolving PII data across enterprise databases and systems to deliver better customer experiences in a privacy-conscious manner.
Who is this presentation for?
Engineering Leaders, Engineers, Product Managers, Anyone interested in Digital Advertising
Prerequisite knowledge:
Knowledge of big-data and graph processing is a plus but not mandatory
What you'll learn?
How people based IDs are transforming the digital advertising ecosystem


Akshaya Aradhya is the Director of Engineering for the Data Connectivity group at LiveRamp in San Francisco. She has extensive experience in cross-functional team management, incubating new businesses and technology partnerships, software development and thought leadership during the course of her career at McKinsey & Company, Intuit and Accenture. She has served on the leadership committee of IEEE Women In Engineering and she currently serves on the board for two non-profit organizations.