January 23 to 25 2019, Santa Clara, USA.

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Name :
matt sakaguchi
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What Google Learned about Creating Effective Teams

Abstract :

Matt Sakaguchi talks about some of the practical research Google has done around building effective teams. He addresses not only the research, but the insights of a manager who worked with his own team and others, to instill the findings and principles in the real world, along with key insights from the Pilot program at Google.

Profile :

Leads two teams in Site Reliability Engineering, supporting the Android phone ecosystem and the Google Play store. At Google, Matt is a leading ambassador for gTeams, the research Google's People Analytics team did on what makes an effective team. He collaborates with numerous teams at Google, to enhance their performance and get them unstuck. He teaches several classes at Google, including Diversity and Inclusion, Bias Busting, Fundamentals of Teamwork, Presentation skills, and Coaching Conversations. He mentors Googlers in 1:1 sessions, and is a performance coach for presenters at major conferences such as Google I/O, and NEXT (Cloud).

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