January 23 to 25 2019, Santa Clara, USA.

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daniel turgel
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IoT Connected Home Smart Home Data

Abstract :

SmartInsure is an insurtech company bringing together smart home proactive monitoring with smart insurance to apply risk detection and prevention solutions to decrease losses, reduce premiums, and lower deductibles. We are introducing full stack IoT deployment and data collection and application to help lower prices. We are also testing different pricing algorithms and borrowing from other property and casualty pricing use cases to see if different models fit the use cases better. One unique use case is the application of index or parametric pricing to large portfolios of residential properties using distributed ledger and the corresponding network hardware developed specific to the use case. We can do this as a panel, lecture or training session. We have top level senior executives from security and IoT. SmartInsure is revolutionizing the insurance customer experience with a technology-first approach to coverage. By partnering with best-of-breed smart home providers for a portfolio of millions of connected homes, SmartInsure is accelerating smart policies for a smarter home.

Profile :
InsurTech founder and operator using big data to improve underwriting with the specific use case of smart home.
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